photo2 largerRita McCarthy’s inspiring workshops are suitable for church groups, conferences, Lenten missions, and retreats.  Her workshops are available as weekend retreats, evening talks, interactive workshops or day seminars.

Upcoming Events

Receive GOD’S Healing Conference
& Free Miracle Healing Service

Date: May 20th, 2017
Place: St. Andre Bessette Parish Hall
291 Union Avenue, Laconia, NH

Healing is the language of God’s love, and God loves to speak by healing us physically and emotionally. Come experience His love and receive the gifts of healing God has for you now.

See Healing flyer for registration and more information:.

Past Events

February 2016

The Father’s Embrace at St. Laurence Ave Maria Center
The topic was “If you are hungry for an encounter with the Father we invite you to come to this seminar; if you already have this relationship we invite you to go deeper.”

August 2015

Spoke at St. John the Baptist Church in Longmont, CO.
The topic was “The Fathers Embrace”: A Retreat for Healing. This seminar introduced people to the Father with the framework of Prayer “Our Father Who Art in Heaven”.  It helped people to understand some of the blocks and hurdles that we need to be healed from in order to come to know God, The Father.

March 2015

Spoke to 300 people at a Day of Prayer hosted by the Houston Galveston Office of the Aging.
The Topic was the Healing Power of Jesus. Through scripture testimony and anointing prayer all were blessed that day. Many have said it was the best day of Prayer they ever had.

February 2015

Gave a talk to the Houston Catholic Mental Health Association:
Presented a Method of healing through prayer in a therapeutic settings using the Unbound model for deliverance and freedom in areas of pain and trauma.

Dec 2014

Spoke to the Service team of the Family Life Office of the Houston Galveston Diocese:
Topic was : “Jesus the Healer” the focus of the talk was to give a Scriptural view of the Name of Jesus as Healer and an encouragement to those in ministry to pray with others for healing using the name of Jesus. In the course of 30 minutes there was a clear presentation through scripture how God calls himself healer and sent Jesus to identify his Father as healer and establish a new Kingdom. I had Many of stories and individual prayer.

Seminars, Workshops and Retreats:

The Power of Prayer
The Power of Forgiveness
The Power of God’s Healing  / Jesus the Healer
The Power of the Father’s Embrace: how to feel his presence
The Power of Listening to God speak through the Scriptures / Lectio Divina
The Power of Yielding to the Holy Spirit
The Power of the Mysteries of the Rosary
The Power of Parenting with Love and Limits
The Power of Couples Communication
The Power of Freedom from Depression
The Power of the Renewed Mind
The Power of the Family
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