What Is It Like To Be Called?

fishers of men

Did you ever wonder what it was like to be called by Jesus? Peter and Andrew were just hanging around their fishing nets and along comes this guy and he says, “Come follow me!” And they did! They just left everything and followed him. What did they really hear in...

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Help: My Heart is Hungry


I’m hungry for something, what is that I’m never satisfied! Everything I do is disappointing! St Augustine said, “Our hearts are restless until they rest in you” O Lord” God is not an idea, God is an experience! When we experience his love we get our hearts filled. We have...

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Help: I Can’t Pray in the Morning!


I’m not a morning Person! Neither am I; I hate mornings, especially if I haven’t slept well the night before. Everyone tells us the most important meal of the day is breakfast. It starts the metabolism going, it gives us energy to get through the morning; It help us think...

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Why can’t I Pray?


Let’s get real! – Why can’t I get to the gym? Why can’t I get to the Doctor? Why can’t I get around to reading that book? My to do list is crazy! We get the things done that we really want to do. We do the things that give...

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Why should I Pray?

Praying with rosary

I have wonderful memories of a sweet friend of mine for 35 years! Wow could time go that fast? We used to have tea together when our children were little she helped me out with my baby when I had to run errands and we talked on the phone almost...

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