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Help: My Heart is Hungry

I’m hungry for something, what is that I’m never satisfied!

Everything I do is disappointing!
St Augustine said,

“Our hearts are restless until they rest in you” O Lord”

God is not an idea, God is an experience! When we experience his love we get our hearts filled.

We have this need deep in our hearts for more of something, God moves our emotions.

Our hungry restless hearts can be given to God. When this need gets filled we can rest in the knowledge and understanding of who God is. Our source of strength, life and hope.

Light bulbs go off! God loves me He really does love me Wow!
You say Okay, how do I get there?

One answer Surrender!

Just give up striving, give up wanting, give all the worry, pain and emptiness to the one who loves you Jesus Christ!

Just say:

  • Jesus I am so sorry for my sins. Please forgive me.
  • Jesus I give my life to you, take it, I want you to be Lord of my life.
  • I want you more than anything else. Fill me with your love, fill me with your Spirit.
  • Come Lord

When you surrender a whole new world will open up for you. You heart will begin to be filled. Love will fill you and surround you; you’ll never be the same again.

But here is the secret – there is more! Each day there is more love to gather. Just like the Israelites gathered the manna in the desert each morning so can you. Each day, say it again, Each day give your life to the Lord. You will grow in understanding and knowledge of him.

A whole new life awaits for you. I’m so excited. Thank God for your hungry heart; it will lead you home, home to the one who really loves you just as you are.

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