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How Do I Know That God Listens to Me?

When I was a little girl I used to lay in bed and wonder if God could hear my prayers. After all he is very busy and has a lot to do and there are so many more people that need him. Could he hear the prayers in my head, could he hear the prayers I said out loud? I didn’t think I was very important to God.

Well the scriptures tell us that he does hear us. He knows when we lie down when we eat, he knows every hair on our head (Matt:10:29) and he knows when we laugh and when we cry. He knows every sorrow we have ever had and has even counted all our tears. He knows us. He knows our thoughts, so of course he hears our prayers.
And every prayer is important to him. “You may not know me, but I know everything about you.” Ps 139

I had to learn that he cares for me and hears my prayers. He died for me, just little ol’ me and he died for you just little ol’ you. What a God that loves us so intimately and he knows us so well.

More than listening to our prayers he acts on them. We may not see all the grace that comes from prayer; but God is filled with grace and wants to pour it down on us. All we have to do is ask. There isn’t one prayer that goes unanswered, wrap your mind around that one. Ok now we have more questions!

I do know he wants us to pray, he begs us to pray, he is waiting for us, watching us. I do know that prayer opens up the gates of heaven. I do know prayer is the bridge we need to access the power of God. Have fun; a whole new world is waiting for you.

If you need help praying download my prayer book “Yielding to the Power of God” on the website. It’s grace filled!
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Then, You guessed it, “Does God answer my prayers?”

Remember God is looking at you with eyes of love. Look at Him; he’s looking at you.

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