IMG_3659 (1)Rita McCarthy’s inspirational workshops and retreats are ideally suited to the needs of church groups, conferences, Lenten missions, and retreats. They are available for incorporation into weekend retreats, evening talks, interactive workshops, or daytime seminars.

In her workshops, Rita guides groups into finding freedom from the spiritual bonds of their burdens. By teaching them how to experience freedom in Christ, people can change their lives, increase their health, find peace and happiness with others, and open the gateway to receiving God’s healing grace.

Conferences & Seminar Topics Include:

◊ The Power of The Father’s Embrace

The purpose of this seminar is to guide people through their current spiritual development to a place of intimacy with God the Father. It is explained that the purpose of Jesus coming to this Earth was to show us his Father and lead us to experience his Father’s embrace. It is further illustrated that when we are able to follow Jesus, we can see his Father as our “Abba” Father; we can experience a fuller and more personal relationship with God. This seminar introduces people to the Father with the framework of the prayer “Our Father Who Art In Heaven”. It helps people to understand some of the blocks and hurdles that we need to be healed from. Come, and know and experience the love of God The Father.

◊ The Power of Forgiveness

This seminar is about exposing the nature of forgiveness. Through this seminar, many people will learn for the first time what forgiveness is and what it is not. They will discover how forgiveness brings about healing from grievances, traumas, grudges, and more. Rita demonstrates how forgiveness is the most important process that people go through to access their healing, freedom and spiritual development. She also touches on the body of research that has been focused on the power of forgiveness, including studies by the Mayo Clinic. Come, access the power of Forgiveness.

◊ The Power of Healing/Jesus The Healer

Through this seminar, Rita gives a scriptural overview and teaches the importance of the name of Jesus. You will find how to access the power we are given at our baptism to use that name. It demonstrates how important it is to receive the healing power of Jesus. It increases our freedom and helps us to overcome our hurdles to pray for others. Come, and experience healing in Jesus Name!

◊ The Power of Listening To God Through The Scriptures

The focus of this seminar topic is on techniques of learning how to listen to the voice of God. People are amazed that they can hear God speak to them using the scriptures. In the Catholic Church, the framework is Lectio Divina, which means divine reading, is a tool we use to listen to God’s word to listen to God speak. Through this seminar, people learn how to hear God speak personally through scripture and prayer journaling. Come, learn and be amazed that you can hear God speak to you.

◊ The Power of Prayer

The focus of this seminar is to encourage people to enter into a supernatural world in order to discover their relationship with God or to deepen their relationship with God. The act of prayer is a way for us to enter into the presence of God. So through this seminar, Rita teaches people how to pray, and that there are various ways of praying. Come, and experience the transforming power of prayer .

◊ The Power of Yielding to the Holy Spirit

This seminar topic material is basic Christianity. Rita teaches that the Holy Spirit is for all of us and the gifts are for all of us, and we just need to surrender to open them up and receive them. Come, and receive the Holy Spirit!

◊ The Power of the Mysteries of the Rosary

This seminar topic illustrates the importance of entering into places of grace in Our Lord’s life. We enter through the mysteries of the Rosary, with the help of Our Lady, who always brings us to her son. For example, one of the mysteries is the birth of our Lord and through this seminar you enter into that mystery and give it personal meaning. Come, be with Jesus and bring your family with you.

◊ The Power of Couple’s Communication

Rita uses this seminar to educate couples how to talk to one another so that we really listen and feel listened to. We all feel unloved when we are not heard. Rita covers basic communication techniques of how to listen, how to speak, and how to work through difficulties together. Come, enjoy the power of a renewed relationship.

◊ The Power of Parenting

The goal of this seminar is to teach about the challenges and difficulties of parenting particularly in this culture. In these modern times with working parents, there are constant attacks on marriage and family. By imparting a better understanding of the power of parenting, the family gets stronger, and everyone is happier. The family is the first community of love. Come, let’s make it stronger.

◊ The Power of Freedom From Depression

In this seminar, Rita teaches how depression originates in the mind. Sometimes depression is chemically based, but sometimes it is just about the grievance story that is in our mind. Rita explains that if we can change the story we can change our behaviors and walk right through the depression. We can learn to forgive, create a balanced life and have a future of hope. Come, and turn away from depression forever!

◊ The Power of the Renewed Mind

Rita talks about starting to think the way God thinks and how to replace negativity with his thoughts. As a Christian speaker, she teaches how this can help us to find joy in our circumstances, where we can face life, no matter what the challenges are because of clearer God-focused thinking. Come, and renew your mind!

Most of these seminars have been delivered in an hour-long format. However, most of the topics can be stretched to a full-day retreat. By lengthening the time, it allows for periods of individual reflection and in-depth reflection on group sharing, opportunities to clarify any misconceptions, as well as personal prayer time with a focus on specific sections.

Arrangements for future seminars can be made by emailing Rita and mentioning the seminar topic in the subject line, as well as a brief description of the details in the body of the email.

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