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Why can’t I Pray?

Let’s get real! – Why can’t I get to the gym? Why can’t I get to the Doctor? Why can’t I get around to reading that book? My to do list is crazy! We get the things done that we really want to do. We do the things that give us pleasure and the things that make us feel good. Prayer could be one of those things you look forward to, the one thing in the day that gives you life for the day the one thing that sets your day apart from all other days – this is the Day the Lord has made – just for you and he wants to share it with you.

How do we get to the gym? How do we get to the Doctor? How do we get to the hairdresser? We schedule it! Yes we schedule the things that are important and the things we have to do. I am proposing that if you schedule God into your day you will make him important, and after awhile of scheduling him in and meeting your appointment with him, this appointment will become your favorite time.

But I don’t have time! REALLY! Do you have 10 minutes? In the morning, 10 minutes on the way to work, 10 minutes in a waiting room? God is always with you; He never fails to be with you, He never gives up on you, He never runs out on you. Can you turn your heart and mind to the one who is with you throughout the day?
Of course you can. But even better can you give 10 minutes of silent time just you and Him alone; share you heart and start to hear His heart speaking to you.
Talk to God about your day your heart, your worries, your blessings, your hopes, your dreams. He’s the best friend you can have!

Yes He’s there looking at you, knocking on your door, asking can I come in?
And it’s up to you to let Him in.

I’ve written a prayer book to help you with praying; It’s a system of prayer that will help your time go so fast. Pick your favorites and linger or go through the tabs. Start with Praise; go to Repentance; then Forgiveness; then Jesus, end with Thanksgiving. Ten minutes will fly, you will say I want longer time with God. It’s so rich so real and so personal. I’m a different person when I pray things don’t bother me as much. I have hope.

I invite you to discover more of God, wherever you are there is more.

Next time we will talk about How do I know God listens to me?

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